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alfalfa Founders in Original Hoboken Store.jpg

Dan Londono
Andrew Arrospide
Dan Sobsey

Founders of Alfalfa

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Alfalfa is named a 2024 "Breakout Brand"

At Alfalfa, we believe that joy is found in the pursuit of balance. We aim to inspire healthier communities through real food and joyful experiences. That is at the heart of who we are, what we do, and what we aspire to build. This is our story.

We all grew up together in Hoboken, NJ and after graduating from high school nearby at St. Peter’s Prep in Jersey City, we went our separate ways to pursue different corporate careers. But, in the end, our desire to make a tangible difference in the world brought us back together in Hoboken to formulate what would later become Alfalfa.

Although not traditionally the healthiest guys in the world, in the very beginning, as we brainstormed business ideas, we’d deliberate (for far too long) where to eat in the area. All we needed was a place that had convenient, high quality salads in a welcoming environment. Yet, our search almost always came up short. We wondered, ‘How could Hoboken, a highly residential area only a stone’s throw away from Manhattan and other culinary hot spots, lack healthy food options?’ This was the “aha” moment, and we set out to solve a problem we ourselves faced: offer the community real food that’s high quality, healthy and accessible.

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